For our Vendors – 

Performance guarantees, service guarantees are just some of the services we offer that other Agents won’t want to match.

Not all agents are the same.

Sure – all Agents are employed by Vendors to assist in the marketing and successful negotiated sale of their property..

How we go about it is where the differences lie.

This is one of the most significant differences.

Some Agents will recommend expensive marketing packages that cover huge ads in the Real Estate Guide, huge ads on and and multiple other property search engines, custom designed for sale signs and then also charge for administrative costs.

If you don’t sell your property, and our in house research shows that less than 50% of property put on the market is sold within the 90 day time frame, then you must pay the marketing costs.

Our philosophy is different.  

We have done exhaustive research to determine what levels of marketing expenditure are 
a) cost effective
b) offer visual prominence on-line and in print media

Of course all property needs to be seen in the marketplace.  You cannot sell a property if it is the best kept secret in town, so are marketing packages are carefully designed to give maximum effective exposure balanced with a reasonable budget for the vendor.

You, as the Vendor, can choose to have whatever level of marketing you want

This is another of the great differences between Agents.

No-one wants to be committed to an Agency that promises an ocean of service but provides little more than a trickle.

Our work ethic is different.  We approach all our property and all our vendors with the same level of enthusiasm and energy.

When you list your property for sale you will be given a schedule of commitments.

This will detail the requirements we have on a week by week basis to communicate and keep our Vendors informed of all activity on their property.

This will detail your on-line and guaranteed in print advertising schedules.

This will detail your Open Homes dates (if you want them).

You can decide which of these is of fundamental importance to you, as the Vendor.

Our Service Guarantee… if we fail to keep these commitments you can terminate your Agency agreement without any cost or penalty.

The Real Estate industry seems to have become obsessed with Open Day inspections and placing a plethora of photos on-line.

The process of buying a home is an emotional one. Prospective purchasers of your property need to be invited to view the property, not just to click through 50 photos and decide because something hasn’t been photographed well that they will move on to the next property.

We can do Open Day inspections if that makes it easier for you, but we have a preference to have inspections by appointment, with enough detail on-line to pique the interest, but not so much as to make it unnecessary to view.

This same technique will work for Open Day inspections but the interaction one on one with a purchaser is what brings results at the end of the day.

40+ years of selling in Hobart’s Northern Suburbs = experience you can rely on.

We take pride in our market research that has us on top of everything that is happening from New Town to Brighton.

Whether you need a current market appraisal for future planning or whether you want your property on the market immediately, we come to you as the Vendor with an army of information about property sales, property currently on the market, current market conditions and etc so that we can give you the best possible up to the minute advice.

We will never just put your property on the market and hope for the best.  

We will always have the discussion about current market trends and current sales and current competition so that you are fully informed every step of the way.

If there is hard news to be told, we will tell it.  If there is good news to tell, then so much the better.