We offer 40 years of Real Estate experience.  We do not manage rental property so we have a completely unbiased view on what constitutes a good investment. Investment portfolios are one of the cornerstones of our Real Estate business.

We are pleased to provide our investor clients the most up to date market analysis available.

If you are open to increase your portfolio, we will advise you personally:

of suitable new property as it becomes available 

the potential rent expectations 

the expected outgoings

a report for a recommended maintenance schedule if required

This report can be most useful to interstate investors. Often photos do not tell the whole story of a property. An experienced eye on the ground can pick up what the photos may have missed.

If you are looking to decrease your portfolio, we will advise you personally:

of market activity within the area

of the best “time” to offer your property for sale

of any repair and/or maintenance that may be of positive financial benefit to you

of how we can sell your property with a tenant in situ or on lease end

We understand that sometimes an investment property needs to be sold with an existing tenancy in place and with resident tenants.

We handle all resident tenants with absolute care and discretion so that lease commitments are protected for both parties.

We are extremely well informed on the Residential Tenancy Act as it applies in Tasmania and although we do not undertake property managements, we are always happy to discuss with investor clients options they have on going forward.