For our Purchasers -

We offer time, the opportunity to view homes within your price range at times that suit you and your family.

Looking to Buy.

Buying a home can have all sorts of emotions attached to it.

In 40+ years of selling houses we know one thing for certain.  It is not an easy process.  

You have dreams and expectations and a budget.

Some of our purchasers are having to sell an existing home, sometimes not willingly, for financial or personal reasons and find another property that is suitable to their current needs.

Some of our purchasers are first home buyers with all the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with that major life change.

Some of our purchasers are families who have outgrown their current home and need room to spread.

And some of our purchasers are people who just want a lifestyle change.

Whatever your reason for buying a property, we would be delighted to help in your quest.

The internet…  What a feast of information is available!  Hundreds upon hundreds of properties you can assess from the outside and then thousands upon thousands of photos you can scan through looking for your ideal home.

But… In  40+ years of selling houses, we know you must make an emotional connection to your new home or you will not buy.  You cannot make an emotional connection by looking at hundreds of photos of property from the outside.  How do you know what the street is like, the neighbours, the shops, the schools and etc.  Is the photo a good one highlighting the property, or a poor one that does not really represent the property in its best aspect?

How many properties have you enquired on only to find out that the Agent hasn’t kept their site up to date and the selected property is no longer available.

How many properties have you discounted because you didn’t like the colour of a floor rug or wall paint shown in the photos?  

A home is so much more than this.  We like to make time available to all our purchasers, to personally get to know them, show them available property within their price range and get their reaction to that property.  Whether that is love, hate or ambivalence, it doesn’t matter to us, as we are only the Agent. But then we can more accurately recommend other suitable property that you find out about before it even gets onto the search sites.

Open Homes… the easy answer for the Agent but it can be a nightmare for a genuine purchaser.

Usually held for 30 minutes and scheduled between 11 am and 1pm, the genuine purchaser can find themselves having to drive past 10 or more maybe suitable properties before Saturday morning so they can short list the ones they can actually get to on the Saturday.

Problem one…  Often the one you drove past and excluded has exactly what you want if only you had time to look.

Problem two… If you do get to an open day, and you like the house, you are under enormous pressure because there is likely to be other people there at the same time also wanting to talk to the Agent, who is then in a rush to get to his next open day.

Problem three… Somehow you then need to ensure that the Agent knows of your interest before he sells the property to someone else

Problem four… No-one knows who you are or what you are wanting so you stay on this merry go round until you either get lucky or give up.

So what do we do that is different?
We will make appointments to show you property at times that are convenient to you and your family.

Your inspections will be without pressure and with the expectation that you will give genuine feedback to the Agent so that he can better help in your search.

Your details will be recorded as a purchaser looking, not on a computer system but on good old fashioned system cards so that you cannot get overlooked. When we know what it is you want, you will be advised of any new property coming onto the market that might be suitable and you are offered  priority viewing before any property is advertised on-line or in print.

This puts you ahead of the market, not struggling to juggle multiple open days.