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Nurturing his nature to work.
At an age when most people are retiring, 72-year-old Neville Moane is instead reopening his business, Moanes Northside Real Estate – not because he has to, but because he wants to. 
“Real estate is in my blood,” he said.
“I love the independent nature of the work, I’m totally in control of how professional I become.
“You’re your own boss, but you are also judged on your excellence by every person you deal with.”
Born in New South Wales, Mr Moane started his life as a wool-classer, assessing the quality of fleeces in the shearing sheds in outback Australia.
Mr Moane said it was this background that gave him the skills he needed to succeed in the real estate industry.
“The requirements of working as a wool-classer are that you need to work hard and have a very high attention to detail,” he said.
“That attention to detail never left me. I can’t do anything without making sure it is absolutely perfect, and I think that has been my greatest strength in the real estate industry.”
Running his own real estate company for 31-years, Mr Moane briefly left the industry to “simply try something different.”
This change included going back to school to complete a Certificate IV in Building, which he then used to develop subdivisions, build spec homes and sell them.
However, Mr Moane said he soon wanted to return to real estate, as it was his “favourite part of the sea.” 
“I’m proudly working-class and I love offering my services and experience to the northern suburbs,” he said.
“I’ve been involved in more than 7000 property sales in my career, most in the this area, and I’m setting up to do it all again.”
Operating out of Northgate Shopping Centre in Glenorchy, Moanes Northside Real Estate is based on “good old-fashioned service”.
“We offer a guaranteed level of service and if the property doesn’t sell, then the owner doesn’t pay for any of the marketing costs,” he said.
“My goal for the next three-years is to gain a major market share in the northern suburbs, as well as develop a uniquely Tasmanian real estate model that is based on results.”
Mr Moane said he had no intention of retiring until he was at least 85 years old.
“It is simply in my nature to work,” he said.
“Work is something that is part of my inheritance, my mother was from the outback, and I believe it is what man was made for – a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.
“I’m hoping that when I do decide to retire, my children or grandchildren will take over running the business – I want Moanes Northside to be something they can grow with and into.”

Moanes Northside Real Estate is located in Northgate Shopping Centre, Main Road, Glenorchy.
For more information, phone Neville on 0408 128 524 or 6273 7437.